In Connecticut, construction companies must follow safety regulations to prevent possible accidents. These circumstances apply to residents of the area in which they are working as well as their employees. The owner of the company must assign a foreman to mitigate these risks for every construction project they start. The following are details about construction-related accidents in Connecticut managed by an Attorney.

The Responsibilities of the Construction Company

The construction company must review the worksite and determine what safety regulations apply to the project. They must prevent accidents by setting up necessary protection around the construction site. They must also utilize waste management services to eliminate unwanted debris that could create an unsafe workspace for their crew.

Federal Regulations for Construction Projects

According to federal regulations, all construction projects must meet certain requirements. The foreman must issue a notice if the construction project is located within a commercial area. The notice must be placed in the local newspaper ahead of the project start date. They must also identify whether or not they will use explosives during the project and what streets will be blocked. They must also place signs around the work site with lettering that measures at least 10 inches. A barrier must be in place to prevent unauthorized entry into the workspace.


Acquiring Medical Treatment for Injuries

The foreman must take steps to ensure that any victim who sustained injuries receives proper medical care. They are responsible for accidents and injuries that occur within the project area. They must provide payment for these injuries and all medical costs associated with them. If they don’t, the victim has the legal right to file a lawsuit.


When is the Construction Company Not Liable?

The construction company is not liable for any unlawful entry into the workspace. Once the crew stops for the work day and vacates the premises, they aren’t responsible for any trespassers who ignore the signs and barriers around the property. These are criminal actions and will incur criminal penalties for the would-be victims.


How are These Claims Filed?

An Attorney collects all evidence from the victim and around the work site. If surveillance footage is available, the attorney can collect it for further assessments. All documentation associated with the accident is filed with the victim’s legal claim.


In Connecticut, construction companies are required by law to comply with all federal regulations. These regulations are in place to lower the risk to residents who travel around these projects. Victims who sustained injuries in a construction site contact American Legal Services or visit for more information now.